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Operation New Dawn

September 1, 2010

Even with the official end to combat operations in Iraq this past week, thousands of US troops remain in that country to support our Iraqi allies and shore up the front lines in the continuing struggle to restore peace and order to the region.  As Operation Iraqi Freedom draws to a close, American forces transition to Operation New Dawn and move to a support role for the Iraqi military, M3 Technology will continue its own support of this critical campaign overseas.

Weekly shipments will leave our Long Island facility bound for Baghdad and other theaters in Iraq, and M3 parts, supplies and equipment will be delivered in support of various programs and operations.  Today, M3 took delivery of a Self-Generating Nitrogen Cart which will soon be on its way for use in the service and support of the helicopters of the Iraqi air force.  For as long as the United States stands by its allies in Iraq, and for as long as the men and woman of the US military stand in harm’s way, M3 Technology will be by their side.

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