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A Space Race for a New Era

October 11, 2010

More than fifty years ago, the United States and Soviet Union engaged in a great contest of engineering and scientific endeavor known as the space race. The achievements by both nations during this time are well-know and came through hard-fought effort.  From Sputnik to Apollo, each side had its share of triumph and tragedy in the stars and on the launch pad. While this era in space exploration was typical of the contentious nature of the times and the hair trigger rivalry between the Superpowers, it has since given way to a much more collaborative age of exploration and scientific inquiry.

The latest example of cooperation occurred this past week, when a Russian-made rocket and capsule launched from Kazakhstan to deliver a new crew of Russians and Americans to the International Space Station (itself the product of a shared effort by many nations).  This crew will be supplemented and supplied later in the year when the American-made Space Shuttle Discovery docks with the station.

The ideals of teamwork and mutual effort are the future of space exploration, and will be the driving forces behind probing the solar system and beyond.  M3 Technology is proud to be a part of this new effort, and to support aerospace operations around the world. M3 counts on a supply base as diverse and wide-ranging as the one that lifted the ISS into orbit, and M3 products are in use around the world every day. From Cape Canaveral to the Baikonur Cosmodrome and everywhere in between, M3 embraces, supports and counts on the spirit of international cooperation which has emerged in the early 21st century.

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