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September 13, 2013

After a long and fruitful history of serving mutual customers in the military market sector, M3 Technology and Helitowcart have formalized a franchise distributorship.  Over the past several years, M3 Technology has supplied many Helitowcart items in direct support of the US Government, its allies, prime and sub-contractors; melding Helitowcart’s superior product offerings and M3 Technology’s unmatched service and quality.

Helitowcart is a helicopter hangaring solution specialist with a chief focus on two helicopter handling concepts: towing and carrying. Known for offering multiple models and fully equipped to meet needs unique to each operator. There are well over 600 Helitowcart units operated worldwide and this number is continuously growing.  Offering support of Robinson, Bell, Eurocopter, Enstrom, MD, Schweizer and Agusta airframes, Helitowcart is fully equipped to meet the needs and requirements of customers around the world.

Together, M3 Technology and Helitowcart are the right match to operators looking for:

  • More traction & power to meet challenges posed by tough weather and terrain,
  • Hassle Free machine positioning & quick attachment,
  • Equipment versatility to as many helicopter types as possible,
  • Confidence in a brand with a proven reliability record,
  • Attentive, dedicated and efficient long-term customer support.

In addition to its core business lines, Helitowcart is also a provider of other practical accessories for helicopters.   The secondary line of operation was introduced in direct response to requests and suggestions from throughout the rotary wing community, and aimed at filling gaps and shortfalls in daily operations.  Helitowcart has responded to these challenges by creating products such as higher lifting wheels, pocket free streamlined bearpaws and seat cushions offering better long haul body support for crews. Together, M3 Technology and Helitowcart are equipped to provide products brilliantly created and manufactured by partners such as sturdy tool free quick connect Cargo Baskets and retractable Tow Bars that can be carried by helicopters to remote bases.

All product offered by Helitowcart shares one common purpose – to improve the day-to-day operations of pilots and mechanics everywhere by easing daily tasks, and speeding up processes; one well-thought accessory at a time.

With a wealth of satisfied customers, and an impressive list of capabilities, Helitowcart and M3 Technology stand ready to serve the needs of clients around the world.

To learn more about M3 Technology’s Franchise Lines – visit or call us today at 631-205-0005.

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