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Commitment to Quality

June 6, 2014

M3 Technology reaffirmed its commitment to quality operations today, undergoing a site audit by QMI/SAI Global to confirm its processes and procedures for Electro-Static Discharge Devices.  As they have in each previous audit, QMI certified M3 Technology’s policies, procedures, and practices for handling and storage of ESD products, and has committed to a renewal of its ANSI/ESD S20.20 Certificate approval.

This Certification is testament to M3 Technology’s dedication to excellence, and marks just one portion of M3 Technology’s industry leading quality program.  In the coming months, M3 will undergo similar audits to assess its continued compliance with ISO 9001, AS 9120 and FAA 00-56C – where it is expected that Underwriter’s Laboratories will again confirm certification to those standards.  Along with these formal certifications, M3 Technology has recently launched multiple continuous improvement efforts under its Team Blue Sky Initiative – ranging from expanding the scope of supplier performance analysis to enhanced inspection procedures.  One of the key programs under development will culminate over the next few months as the company seeks certification to the IDEA Standard – already in compliance with these guidelines, accreditation will confirm M3 Technology’s ability to detect, combat, and prevent counterfeit electronics products from reaching our valued customers.

Quality truly is a way of life here at M3 Technology, and a commitment to continuous process improvement is a requirement for each member of our team.  This drive for excellence is a driving force in all we do, and aimed at providing the best levels of service to our customers and end users.

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