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M3 Technology is an equal opportunity employer and conforms with all federal, state, and local employment regulations.

Sourcing Specialist

M3 Technology is seeking highly motivated individuals to join its growing team of supply chain professionals.

M3 is a small, family-owned organization serving the Aerospace & Defense Industry as an authorized supplier of hardware, chemicals, electronics and other consumable items, along with Aerospace Spare Parts, and comprehensive Inventory Management Programs. Customers include the US Government and its allies, the Department of Defense, leading airlines and commercial manufacturers, along with machine shops and other segments of the Aerospace supply chain.

The Supply Chain Specialist position is M3 Technology’s entry point in the company. The qualified individual will work closely with Sourcing and Procurement personnel to develop an expertise in the company’s products, services, and procedures, and will be afforded the opportunity to grow within the company, assuming key positions in Purchasing, Sourcing, Sales, and/or Operations.

M3 Technology is a customer-service focused organization and requires individuals who are the same. Successful candidates will include those with core computer skills, good telephone communication ability, and willingness to learn, adapt, and multitask while organizing evolving priorities day by day and week by week.

M3 was founded in 1998 and has a long history of service in support of a wide customer base. Its ownership and leadership team are dedicated to the service of our customers, support of employees, and growth of the company. If that sounds like a good fit, please forward a resume and cover letter today.