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2013 in Review

December 16, 2013

For M3 Technology, 2013 represented a year of growth and development.  The company continued refinement of its 27,000 Sq. Ft. headquarters and operational facility.  Construction early in the year produced a dedicated training facility, an expansive conference room and meeting center, and a dedicated break and recreation area for employee use.  In addition, existing facilities were expanded and improved to better meet the needs of our customers and staff.  The quality control and inspection area was enlarged to allow for the purchase and deployment of additional equipment, and to provide for expanded operations.  Shipping and receiving areas of the company’s logistics center were simultaneously expanded and streamlined to improve product and work flow.  Even with all of this renovation and construction, M3 Technology maintains an additional 5,000 Sq. Ft. of un-utilized space for future expansion and development to better serve the needs of our customers, and provide a world-class working environment for staff.

Along with modifications to the company’s facilities, M3 Technology continued the growth and improvement of internal staff.  Beginning in February, M3 added more than a dozen new customer service professionals in a variety of roles, fusing new training techniques with years of industry experience to create a dynamic team capable of handling all customer requirements.  In addition to staff in the Sales & Service Division, M3 Technology witnessed a growth in its Operations team – adding personnel in the Information Technology, Compliance, and Logistics teams.  Internally, personnel continued their professional training – acquiring new skills and taking advantage of the many cross-departmental training opportunities sponsored by the company.  Experienced veterans of the company adapted their skill-sets to include Procurement, Quality, Compliance, Sales, Marketing and many other new responsibilities.

All of this growth culminated in the final quarter of the year, with several key promotions and new hires.  In the space of a few months, M3 Technology elevated two key members of its Quality team to leadership roles – naming John O’Brien the Director of Quality Assurance, and Aaron Pressgrove as Lead Inspector.  Each have demonstrated a passion for the creation of a culture of quality within M3 Technology, and are committed to upholding the high standards of the organization.    This commitment was also reflected in the hiring of Robert Botticelli as the company’s General Manager.  Overseeing the Sales & Service Division of M3, Robert is a 30 year veteran of the aerospace industry, and brings a wealth of experience in the fields of customer service, supply chain and inventory management, total quality management, continuous improvement, and a wide array of other critical aspects of the modern aerospace and defense industry.

Among the first acts undertaken by this new team, along with the existing leadership of M3 Technology was the creation of Team Blue Sky.  This group, meets regularly and includes a cross-section of departments and functions within the company.  Team Blue Sky is dedicated to identifying areas for improvement within the processes and procedures of M3.  The team wasted no time in making its mark felt, initiating a thorough examination of several aspects of the sales, service, and delivery operations of the company.  This study yielded a wealth of information on M3 Technology’s recent history and current quality trends;  the research identified several areas ideally positioned for improvement.  Following refinements of the company’s contract review process, procurement operations and quality control regime, a definite and near-immediate reduction in instances of nonconforming product was identified – a trend expected to continue and accelerate in the new year.  With this success already realized, Team Blue Sky will continue to examine ways in which to improve M3 Technology, and provide ever-improving levels of service to its customers and end users.

With its operational capabilities as strong as ever, and with an eye toward future growth and expansion, M3 Technology was strongly poised to reach its financial and operational goals for the year.  In this, the men and woman of the company succeeded tremendously – reaching and exceeding ownership’s expectations with room to spare.  The key to this development was the creation of long-lasting customer relationships; providing unmatched support to ensure complete satisfaction for each customer and exceeding their expectations at every turn.  This commitment to excellence is the foundation of M3 Technology’s operations, and forms the basis for everything that we do.

M3 Technology is grateful for the chance to serve our clients each day, and deeply appreciative of the mutually beneficial relationships we enjoy with those customers.  In addition, nothing that we accomplish would be possible without the tireless efforts of our industry partners – we are only as good as the people and companies we have the privilege of working with, and we have been lucky to work with some of the best in the business.

As 2013 draws to a close, M3 Technology looks forward to a bright future.  Earlier in the month, we celebrated the 15th anniversary of the company.  In those 15 years, the organization has accomplished much, and set its standards very high.  In 2014, we aim to beat those bench-marks once again.  Over the next twelve months, be sure to check back here often for the latest news from the world’s premier Aerospace & Defense Solutions Company.

Happy Holidays from everyone here at M3 Technology.

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Latest News

February 17, 2012

New Addition to the M3 Family

M3 Technology is proud to welcome Scott Russo to the M3 Technology team.  Effective immediately Scott will assume the role of Sales Manager, and oversight of all sales and marketing activities.  Scott will also be the primary management level contact for all customer service, satisfaction and other activities involving our valued clients and industry partners.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please call Scott at 631-205-0005 or email him at

First Visit

This past week, M3 Technology was happy to host a representative from Sikorsky Aircraft Company for the first on-site inspection of M3 Technology’s new facility.  The visit was very productive, and highlighted the many areas where M3 provides strength and value to a high level aerospace and defense contractor.  In addition, the experience and rigid standards of Sikorsky identified several areas where M3 Technology can improve its processes and procedures.

Certified to the AS 9120 Rev A Standard, M3 Technology is committed to continually improving all aspects of its Quality Management System, and on-site consultation with valued customers provides a unique and valuable opportunity to do just that.

If your company is interested in conducting such a visit, please contact your account executive, or email us at

New Partnerships

In a move to increase the already wide variety of product M3 Technology can offer to its customers, M3 has cemented franchise relationships with the 3M Electrical Specialty Markets Division, and International Components Corporation.

3M specializes in a variety of tapes, adhesives, terminals, heat shrink tubing and abrasives; along with a host of other products.  Through its new partnership, M3 Technology is now ideally positioned to handle any and all requirements for these products.  For more information – visit 3M’s website –

ICC  offers an extensive range of RoHS compliant electronic components for many diverse applications, fully adaptable to the special characteristics encountered by design engineers each day.  Through their Intervox line, M3 Technology has direct access to audible devices including Electro-Acoustic Transducers, Piezo Buzzers with external drive, self-drive, or internal circuitry, Sounders, Melody Buzzers, Electronic Buzzers, AC Piezo and Electronic Buzzers, Surface Mount and Piezo Elements.  The new alliance will also allow M3 Technology to provide a wide range of speakers including General Purpose, Telecommunications, Miniature and Sub-Miniature Low Profile, Shielded Low Leakage, PC Mount and Surface Mount types for a variety of applications.  ICC is also able to supply electret condenser microphones include Omnidirectional, Unidirectional, Noise Canceling and Back Electret in pad, pin and surface mount designs.

ICC Intercap features a diverse line of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, Polyester Film, Ceramic Discs, Multilayer Ceramic Discs and Dipped Solid Tantalums. These products are offered in radial lead, axial lead, or surface mount termination and are available taped and reeled for automatic insertion. The range of characteristics includes Low Profile, Low Leakage, High Temperature, High Voltage, Low ESR to fill virtually every requirement.  To learn more, visit their website:

Please contact us today for more information, and contact your account representative today for any and all new requirements.

For companies looking for a dynamic and energetic sales force to promote your products to a global customer base, contact us today.  To discuss the opportunities available within M3 Technology’s franchise and consignment sales operations, call us today, or email

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M3 on the Web

March 10, 2011

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February 19, 2011

This Monday, Americans will celebrate President’s Day. For many this is a day off from work, and an opportunity for great shopping deals, and for time with the family. We should not forget just what is celebrated this day, which the Presidents were, what they accomplished, and what they risked.

It is a celebration of Leadership, that defining character of the great and noble. It is the celebration of those who, when faced with a challenge, did not shirk, did not pass the burden on to another, but embraced it. These men braved the greatest trials our nation has endured, and inspired those around them to greatness and honor. From Lincoln’s words at Gettysburg to Washington’s steadfast refusal to seize power for personal gain, these men led their nation from the brink of disaster in fulfillment of its great promise.

On this day, remember not just those leaders who have graced the White House and the nation’s executive office; remember all those who take on the mantle of leadership. Remember the doctors and teachers, the sailors and soldiers, the astronauts and parents guiding this nation, and the entire world forward. These are the men and woman who run into the fire when lives are at stake, it is the people who risk their lives, their fortune, and their well-being for what is right. These are the people who dedicate themselves to created and preserving a better world for all. They are selfless and dedicated; they protect, and nurture, an they guide those around them to greatness. Leadership exists every day, all around us, and must be celebrated and recognized.

Leadership is not just a title, not an office, or a collection of responsibilities. It is not always recorded in the annals of history, it is not always preserved in monument and song; but its legacy will always live on. The effect of Lincoln, of Washington, Kennedy, Roosevelt and all the others endures; their ideals and struggles resound through the ages. In the same way, each of us has the opportunity to effect change every bit as lasting and significant. Will your actions today inspire those around you? Will they solve a great riddle, or overcome an obstacle? Will they show someone the way, and will you plant the seed of leadership in someone else today?

Monday is President’s Day. Make sure it is a celebration of leadership in all its forms, and make sure that the great work of all those who have come before is carried on.