Over the past decade, M3 Technology has developed a unique expertise in the service and support of the Mi-17 medium transport helicopter.  This platform, manufactured in Russia, and borne of the Cold War, is now in service with numerous countries around the world.  M3 Technology has been a leading supplier of parts and supplies for fleets around the world.  In particular, our organization ha...
M3 Technology is a vital supplier for the US and its allies in the support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn, and is honored to take part in that effort. In conjunction with various prime contractors, M3 Technology has supported a wide array of military platforms in the area. Chief among its efforts, and the pride of M3 Technology's Aerospace Support Division has been the ser...


Through authorized supply chain partners M3 Technology provides a full range of Chemical Products Lines, and offers extensive support services - ranging from shelf life management to disposal operations through certified third party partners. Utilizing a dedicated global supply chain, M3 Technology offers a wide array of products, including:

• Abrasives
• Adhesives & Adhesive Films
• Cleaners & Degreasers
• Corrosion Protection
• Hydraulic Fluids
• Lubricants
• Oils, Greases & Fluids
• Paints
• Silicones
• Tapes

In addition to high quality product, M3 Technology delivers unmatched service and reliability - removing the costly and time consuming process of managing a complex chemical supply chain. Along with the dedicated customer service M3 offers all of its customers, M3 Technology's Chemical Managements Division offers the following Value Added Services:

• Disposal Services
• FAA & DOT Approved
• Hazmat Packaging
• Logistical Management
• Point of Use Supply
• Shelf Life Management
• Rapid Response Quoting