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A key partner, Amaton provides a variety of electromechanical hardware and parts for a diverse range of end users.  Product supplied includes:

Standoffs and Spacers

Metric Standoffs and Spacers

Captive Panel Hardware

Handles and Ferrules

Insulating Washers

Panel Bushings

Catches & Heavy Duty Handles

Amatom was founded in 1957 by Lowell Abeles in New Rochelle, New York. Beginning as a broker for manufacturers serving metro New York and Long Island, by 1960, Lowell had begun adding in-house secondary machines capable of modifying purchased parts to meet customer requirements. By 1962, he’d completed his transition to a full-service manufacturer.

By the mid-‘60s, Lowell had introduced “The Bible of the Electronic Hardware Industry” – the Amatom Electronic Hardware Reference Manual. A precursor to today’s online reference guides, the Manual established Amatom as the go-to source for industry parts.

Lowell sold Amatom to New Haven Manufacturing, from which Carey Manufacturing acquired it in 2003. Since then, Amatom has grown to be one of America’s leading suppliers of electronic hardware, serving manufacturers and assembly markets worldwide.

With the combination of Amatom quality and selection, and M3 Technology’s superior levels of service and support all electromechanical can be met with a quick phone call to M3 Technology.