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Dearborn Electronics

Dearborn Electronics

Dearborn Electronics, Inc. is a capacitor and filter manufacturer. Dearborn and M3 deliver products using the following technologies: Film and paper capacitors, Wet Tantalum, Solid Tantalum Capacitors, EMI/EMC Filters, Ceramics Capacitors, Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors and Mica Capacitors. Dearborn also produces a line of Magnetic and Inductors.

Dearborn’s capacitor and EMI filter products serve the needs of Power Generation, Military, Aerospace, Space, Transportation, Energy, Oil, Industrial, Medical, Radar, Laser, Alternate Energy, Power Electronics, Energy Storage, Industrial and other demanding applications.  Dearborn offers products for High Voltage Capacitors and, High Temperature Capacitors, DC Capacitors and AC Capacitors.

Dearborn Electronics is QPL to all of the popular military film capacitor specifications. Dearborn also offers power and high voltage capacitors, Aluminum Electrolytic alternatives and low ESR tantalum surface mount devices.

Besides standard paper capacitors, film capacitors and EMI filters, Dearborn Electronics has an extensive custom design capability. As a leading capacitor manufacturer, Dearborn also provides custom design capacitors, high voltage capacitors and filters to various market segments including aerospace, military and numerous other industrial areas, to include high temperature applications.