M3 Technology is a vital supplier for the US and its allies in the support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn, and is honored to take part in that effort. In conjunction with various prime contractors, M3 Technology has supported a wide array of military platforms in the area. Chief among its efforts, and the pride of M3 Technology's Aerospace Support Division has been the ser...
M3 Technology has a long history of service in the supply of parts and components for the venerable UH-1 series of helicopters.  In service around the world, M3 Technology has supported nose-to-tail service for the platform.  From Landing Skids to Rotor Blades, Windows and Seats to nuts and bolts, along with all avionics and instrumentation systems, M3 Technology is a leading supplier for the...


M3 Technology is a dedicated, authorized supplier of hardware for use in aerospace and other applications. Through more than 15 years of experience, M3 Technology has emerged as a leading supplier of hardware including nuts, bolts, rivets and other fasteners. In addition, M3 Technology has partnered with leading manufacturers to provide everything from basic hardware to custom-manufactured components. M3 is the source for:



•Bushings & Spacers














With a world-wide supplier base, and dedicated quality and logistics team, M3 Technology adds unmatched customer service to provide critical inventory and supply chain management services to meet the needs of any customer. M3 Technology is proud to offer the following value added support services:

•Point-of-Use Supply



•Bin Stocking

•Logistical Management

•Rapid Response Quoting

•Commercial & Military Packaging

•Dedicated Quality Control & Product Support