Bell UH-1H Huey


M3 Technology has a long history of service in the supply of parts and components for the venerable UH-1 series of helicopters.  In service around the world, M3 Technology has supported nose-to-tail service for the platform.  From Landing Skids to Rotor Blades, Windows and Seats to nuts and bolts, along with all avionics and instrumentation systems, M3 Technology is a leading supplier for the US and its allies around the world flying the Huey helicopter.  In addition to the supply of parts and suppliers, M3 Technology has partnered with FAA-certified, Bell Helicopter-approved repair and overhaul facilities to provide comprehensive overhaul and upkeep work.

In service with dozens of nations around the world, the Huey has been a mainstay of the rotary fleet since the introduction of its initial models in the late 1950's.  With more than 16,000 units produced, the helicopter is a common sight at many military installations, and serves a variety of roles.  The single-engined helicopter is quite versatile, and has acted as a troop transport, medical evacuation transport, and armed gunship among other roles.  The sturdy design has been used as the basis for development of follow-on designs such as the AH-1 Cobra Gunship and the twin-engined Bell 214, along with numerous variants on the original Huey concept and design.

M3 Technology is proud of its work, and the numerous members of the supply chain who have contributed to the effort to keep these birds in there air, protecting and working for troops in the field, allied units, and all those who have come to depend on this rugged workhorse.