Mi-17 Helicopter


Over the past decade, M3 Technology has developed a unique expertise in the service and support of the Mi-17 medium transport helicopter.  This platform, manufactured in Russia, and borne of the Cold War, is now in service with numerous countries around the world.  M3 Technology has been a leading supplier of parts and supplies for fleets around the world.  In particular, our organization has been an active supplier for the 30 Mi-17's currently in service with the Iraqi Air Force (this work is carried out under Federal Contract in support of Operation New Dawn (and initially Operation Iraqi Freedom.)  Likewise, throughout Operation Enduring Freedom, M3 Technology has supported efforts for the dozens of Mi-17's flying for Afghanistan.


The primary challenge in supporting these efforts has been the establishment of a firm, reliable supply chain stretched across the globe.  With a dedicated staff working closely with production facilities and other suppliers in Russia, M3 Technology has forged an effective flow of product from their origin to destination, including exhaustive quality and compliance efforts to ensure that product meets and exceeds requirements, and that both the letter and the spirit of US and International Laws are upheld.

With more than 12,000 units produced since its introduction in 1975, and in service with more than 60 countries, the Mi-17 is a mainstay of rotary wing fleets around the world.  With both military and civilian variants and applications, this versatile bird is a key platform for nations and corporations around the world.  M3 Technology has embraced a rewarding role as one of very few US companies ready, willing, and able to supply parts, supplies and services for the Mi-17.