C-130 Hercules


Since the 1950's, the Lockheed C-130 Hercules has been a mainstay of military transport.  Over nearly 60 years of service, more than 2000 have been built, and have seen service with over 60 nations around the world.  With numerous variants, the aircraft has been employed as a troop transport, medical evacuation craft, and cargo transport platform.  In addition, the Hercules has been employed as in numerous other roles, including gunship, refueling, aerial firefighting, and weather and scientific research support.  The airframe also bears the unique distinction as the only aircraft to remain in continuous production for more than 50 years, with production of the C-130J model continuing through 2012.

M3 Technology has been a long time supplier of C-130 parts, for a variety of end users and platforms, including support of Operations Iraqi Freedom, New Dawn, and Enduring Freedom in Iraq and Afghanistan.  M3 has worked closely to support the efforts of the US Department of State and the government of Colombia, providing parts and support for aircraft operating in the anti-narcotics operations throughout that country.  In addition, we have provided support to C-130's flying for allies such as the UK and Canada, Chile, and Australia among many others.  Lastly, M3 has most recently been a primary supplier of parts and services for aircraft serving domestically as fire-fighting aircraft.

The legacy of the C-130 is durability and adaptability, and M3 will continue its support of this enduring platform for as long as airmen, soldiers and pilots around the world take to the air in the venerable Hercules.