M1 Abrams

M1 Abrams

Designed to deter and defeat hordes of Soviet tanks on the hypothetical battlefields of a World War III Europe.  Since its introduction in 1980, with more than 9,000 produced for use by the US Army, Marine Corps, and key allies, the Abrams and its variants has been the pinnacle of armored technology.  Equipped with state of the art armor and an impressive main battery, the first shots fired in anger by the M1 came in the Iraqi and Saudi deserts during Desert Storm and Desert Shield.  Likewise, the Abrams was the vanguard of the assault into Iraq in 2003, and continued to battle insurgents throughout Operations Iraqi Freedom, while a small number were also deployed in support of troops in Afghanistan.

Today's M1 has continued to evolve since its initial deployment, with improvements in armor, crew safety, reliability, and targeting emerging with each new generation.  This trend will continue, with the next generation slated for testing as early as 2014.  In addition to serving US troops in the field, M1 variants are now key components of the Australian, Saudi, Egyptian, Kuwaiti and Iraqi militaries.

M3 Technology has supported the continued evolution of the M1 family - providing contracting support for the various armor-improvement initiatives that have emerged to better protect their crews and further US and allied interests.  These developments, along with other improvements have resulted in the upgrading of existing units, along with the production of newer models, and are aimed at two primary goals.  Using the hard fought lessons of the Iraq insurgency, contractors have worked diligently and quickly to enhance the M1's capabilities and survivability in urban environments and against 'non-traditional' forces, including upgrades to armor systems to protect against IED's and ambush attacks by small companies of infantry and guerrillas.  At the same time, improvements have aimed at maintaining and expanding the edge that the M1 enjoys against modern Main Battle Tanks such as the Russian T-90.  This edge ensures that the US can maintain a conventional deterrent force against would-be aggressors, and fulfill commitments to defend allies such as South Korea, and maintain a presence protecting key US interests around the world.

In addition to the support of the development of increased armoring and other systems, M3 Technology has actively supported supply chains dedicated to production and maintenance requirements, providing spare parts and supplies for the manufacture and upkeep of engine and transmission components, along with all of the other tools and items necessary to keep these 60 ton behemoths moving and fighting.

The M1 enjoys a long tradition of defending America and protecting its troops, along with an unmatched combat record in the field.  M3 Technology is committed to doing its part to keep these incredible machines moving, fighting, and keeping their crews safe.